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Today’s Prescription Drug Problem

Prescription medications are more effective than ever before but they are also more expensive.

  • The cost of prescription drugs is rising faster than any other health care cost.
  • More new and expensive prescription drugs are approved each year.
  • Many health plans are now excluding or restricting the purchase of prescription drugs.
Our Discount Drug Card Solution

The ActivaRx Prescription Drug Plan is a discount prescription drug card that provides the highest possible discount savings to members.

  • No Deductibles
  • No Pre-Existing exclusions
  • No waiting periods
  • Everyone qualifies
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I am extremely happy with the ActivaRx discount prescription drug plan. I use it every month when I fill my prescriptions.
The plan has been very helpful, I’m able to save ton of money on my migraine medication Frova.
A O'Brien

Discount Drug Card

This special discount prescription drug card is available to anyone under age 65. ActivaRx members receive substantial discounts on their prescription drugs that have been arranged with over 60,000 participating retail pharmacies including Walgreens with the convenient mail service pharmacy.

The discounted pricing on prescription drugs will be the same at any of the participating retail pharmacies. For members using the mail service pharmacy the discounts on their prescription drugs will be greater.
This plan is not an insurance plan.
This plan is not available in the following states; Tennessee